Why Alexis Martinez Johnson Should Resign as 2020 Republican Nominee for US House NM CD3

If Republican Nominee Alexis Martinez Johnson is elected to the US House, New Mexico will suffer the effects of her lack of dedication to New Mexico’s Values. I am sending this message to all voters that when Alexis Martinez Johnson wins, New Mexico Loses.

The Real Alexis Martinez Johnson, Republican Nominee for US House NM03

As Alexis Martinez Johnson’s former campaign manager, fellow New Mexico Tech Alumnus, and Republican in New Mexico, I am calling on Alexis Martinez Johnson to drop out of US House NM CD3 campaign due to her lack of leadership ability, political savvy, and the fact that she has sold out Traditional New Mexican Values in her transformation from a hard right, pro-Trump conservative into a Liberal Politician.

Alexis’ latest gaff and attempt at pandering occurred during a candidate forum hosted by PBS where she stated: “I admire Alexandria Ocasio Cortez” , who has endorsed her Democrat Opponent Teresa Leger Fernandez.

Alexis Martinez Johnson: “I admire Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez”

Alexis Martinez Johnson is the Wrong Choice for New Mexico Voters

As Alexis’ former campaign manager and fellow New Mexico Tech Alumnus, who is primarily responsible for Alexis’ ascent in New Mexico Politics, I have seen the error of my ways and I am now calling upon Alexis Martinez Johnson to resign as NM CD-3 Republican Nominee in order to give a more qualified candidate the opportunity to voice the concerns of New Mexico and provide a stronger challenger to Teresa Leger Fernandez which is the best interest for all New Mexicans.

Alexis Martinez Johnson is unqualified for the US House of Representatives and after working for her for approximately 10 months, I am still unclear as to why Alexis even entered into politics by moving to New Mexico from Texas and announcing her run for US House. Alexis is not experienced, nor is she particularly interested in actual politics, philosophy or the important social and cultural issues of the day, which has caused her campaign to continually flip-flop on a number of issues, such as refusing to wear a mask on the Santa Fe Plaza while campaigning, demanding a court case, and then ultimately pleading “no contest” to violating city ordinance, a waste of taxpayer resources for a cheap publicity stunt.

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“I don’t always fight for constitutional rights, but when I do, I plead “No Contest””

After I resigned as campaign manager on July 28, 2020 after volunteering for 10 months based upon Alexis’s promises, and — what I thought at the time — her dedication to listening to the real issues facing New Mexico, because Alexis handed all power and direction of the campaign (sovereignty) to out of state campaign consultants who are unable to accomplish the most basic tasks such as sending a fundraising email, after I had spent the previous months with just me doing the work in the Pre-Primary and building a true grass roots campaign based on Traditional, New Mexico Values.

Alexis’ ‘abdication’ of power, based on this one decision (to hire and listen to out of state campaign consultants) was perhaps the greatest turning point in the Alexis Johnson campaign resulting in the fact that Alexis now has a very weak campaign after I resigned due to transferring all power and decision making to out of touch, ‘politics as usual’ campaign consultants who are not attached, nor do they care about New Mexico Politics.

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Alexis Martinez Johnson, Espanola NM, June 2020. Copyright 2020 by Joaquin Roibal.

Alexis chose this out of state campaign consultant group over my advice and experience which I had gained from working on the campaign the previous 10 months, which has caused me to get very familiar with the voters, power brokers, and issues facing New Mexico, coupled with my life experience as a life-long New Mexican. Alexis paid myself, the only New Mexican on the Alexis Johnson for Congress campaign, $2500 for 10 months of work and then paid Las Vegas, NV based campaign consultants who joined the campaign on June 30, 2020, $25,000 for 3 months of work.

Alexis Johnson for Congress Pays Out of State Campaign Consultants $25,000.

As a conservative activist, I believe that we must hold our elected officials accountable. That standard includes holding our candidates responsible for their actions and judge them by their ability to deliver real results for New Mexico Families. Alexis does not have the skills, qualifications or temperament to represent New Mexico in the US House of Representatives.

Alexis Martinez Johnson: Lack of Appreciation and Loyalty to Supporters and Employees

I volunteered for Alexis for 10 months based upon a verbal agreement that we had, including a blind trust and faith in Alexis. I took a gamble which actually succeeding in “hitting the numbers” (based significantly upon my efforts), only to be rewarded with no appreciation, a bare bones contract, and low-place on the totem pole of an organization which I built.

In the weeks following the June 2020 Republican Primary, I witnessed Alexis fill the organization with “Johnny Come Lately” campaign staff and consultants who neither invested nor sacrificed anything into the Alexis Johnson for Congress pre-primary. All of these newcomers were rewarded more handsomely than me.

As the campaign manager / lead campaign strategist, after the primary victory I began to develop a strategy based upon the number of votes cast for Alexis in comparison to Harry and Karen, to build on our strengths and conservative issues. One of my major focuses was to build on what worked in the primary to ensure Republican turn out in her strong areas such as Rio Rancho and Farmington, while limiting Teresa’s gains in Santa Fe. From that ‘base’ we could then focus on wedge issues, painting Teresa as an “out of touch socialist” and adding a number of independents and moderates. The “Johnny Come Lately” campaign consultants, whom I would resign because of, suggested that we ONLY target the swing voters of NM 03, and essentially completely ignore the Republican Voters who had just elected Alexis.

Rather than grass roots and online support which we had built our success on previously, Alexis decided to go with their strategy, of targeting swing voters through last minute TV ads. Which demonstrates perfectly why, politically speaking, there is no reason to support Alexis before any election because even if you invest your time and take a risk to support her success, she will have no appreciation for your investment, and if she does win, she will listen to the out of state and out of touch consultants, place them above you in an organizational chart and also pay them more.

In many ways Alexis represents an insecurity which exists in New Mexico Politics / Culture that doesn’t believe in home grown New Mexico Talent and instead prefers out of state groups as a way to show we’ve “made it”, a very weak way to receive exterior validation.

Alexis doesn’t have the appreciation to her supporters, or when I built her entire campaign for her, because she doesn’t understand what it takes or the actual “politics” and work behind her position as US Congressional hopeful. Alexis plain and simple doesn’t have the qualifications to Serve in US House of Representatives, nor the interest in politics that I would honestly expect from someone running for any elected position.

A side effect of Alexis’ naivete and lackadaisical attitude toward politics is dangerous because, if she is elected, ANYONE can get in her ear and bully her around for their own agenda and Alexis does not possess the strength to stand against even the weakest attacks or pressure.

Alexis Martinez Johnson and Low Effort on Campaign Trail

Also another side effect of her disinterest is the fact that Alexis puts forth such an incredibly low effort on campaign trail, which shows that her heart isn’t in it and also that we can’t expect much of an improvement of her low skill level.

It all boils down to, based on my experience of working / volunteering with Alexis Martinez Johnson, the fact that Alexis is not qualified, nor would it be a good idea for New Mexico to elect her to the US House of Representative.

In June and July 2020 Alexis had a couple of interviews on the “Wilkow Majority” where she was asked incredibly softball questions by a friendly moderator and she stumbled her way with no depth of understanding of even the most basic issues such as DACA.

The debate on October 8 2020 between Alexis and Teresa Leger Fernandez, an attorney who graduated from Yale and Stanford with decades of experience in law & politics specifically voting rights. This televised debate will reveal Alexis as inadequate and incapable and will be an incredible embarrassment for her and for Republicans in New Mexico unless she resigns before October 8, 2020.

Alexis lack of an organized and effective campaign, particularly in the six-weeks since I resigned, translates into low polling numbers as demonstrated in the first poll of the 2020 General Election which shows Teresa ahead of Alexis 50%-35%. Alexis is less than five-percentage points ahead of the 2018 Republican Nominee, Steve McFall, who received 31.2% of the vote in 2018 against incumbent Ben Ray Lujan who was running for his 6th re-election term. Given US President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign which has dedicated $15 Million dollars to on the ground grassroots efforts in New Mexico and the fact that NM CD-3 is an “open” seat against a relatively unknown Democrat Opponent (who has already raised more than one million dollars and defeated a more well funded opponent Valerie Plame), I would expect a Republican challenger’s polling number to be somewhere in the 40’s, but with 15% spread we are likely to see very little outside interest in this race.

In another example of how misguided Alexis Johnson For Congress is, On October 21, 2020 Alexis began distributing campaign signs, two weeks until Election Day when 380,000 people have already voted.

Alexis Martinez Johnson: An Anti-Masker ?

I was with Alexis on July 3, 2020 in the Santa Fe Plaza at a campaign event, which pigeonholed the entire campaign when Alexis was cited for refusing to put on a mask while acting very disrespectfully to the great Law Enforcement of New Mexico:

In the video you can clearly see that when I was asked to put on my mask, I put on my mask. Alexis defies the direct orders of the police and asks them:

“What are you gonna do, arrest me?”

At the time of the event I was unaware of Alexis’ stance on masks and also that she would be “taking a stand” against masks at that campaign event, particularly because — as one reporter for the Santa Fe New Mexican noted — Alexis has worn masks at previous campaign events and called into question her motivation for the “anti-mask” stand. In my opinion based upon being at the July 3 event and attending numerous events with Alexis, when the police walked up to her, Alexis saw an opportunity to “go viral” by not wearing a mask and taking the citation in order to gain media attention and donations.

Alexis Martinez Johnson Pleads “No Contest”, Folds Like a Cheap Suit regarding Constitutional Rights

On September 15, 2020 Alexis plead “no contest” regarding the Citation which she received from Santa Fe Police Department on July 3, 2020 for refusing to wear a mask. With this action, Alexis reveals herself to be “All Hat and no Cattle”, she talked a big game about standing up for constitutional rights, but when it came down to it Alexis folded like a cheap suit. We can not have someone in Congress who is such a weak, spineless and unreliable “flip flopper”.

Despite claiming “Traditional, New Mexico Values”, Alexis Martinez Johnson sold out to Las Vegas, NV based campaign consultants and paid them $25,000

Alexis Martinez Johnson is wrong for New Mexico

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New Mexico Political News & Analysis. I am a conservative in Albuquerque, New Mexico who believes in Traditional, New Mexico Values.

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