When Alexis Martinez Johnson Wins, New Mexico Loses

Alexis Martinez Johnson, Republican Nominee for US House NM03, can not be trusted due to her demonstrated inability to hold true to Traditional, New Mexico Values.

In New Mexico we believe in the values of Faith, Family and Freedom. We believe in the American Dream and we work hard every day to provide a better future for our families. New Mexicans are humble, hard working people, and occasionally, an out-of-state politician will come to New Mexico to get rich off of the backs of hard working New Mexicans. Alexis Martinez Johnson is the latest iteration of a long line of slippery politicians who are more concerned with their careers than helping their constituents.

The Real Alexis Martinez Johnson

Alexis Martinez Johnson is the current Republican Nominee for US House to represent Northern New Mexico in the US House of Representatives.

Who is Alexis Martinez Johnson?

Alexis Martinez Johnson is a sly, cunning and conniving person. Who she is is hard to describe because she is a slippery politician who will say and do whatever it takes to win the next election. In the primary election, Alexis described herself as a “oil & gas engineer”, and in the primaries she changed to “Environmental Engineer”, similarly to how she changed from “Alexis Johnson” before March 7, 2020 (Republican Nominating Convention) to “Alexis Martinez Johnson”.

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Alexis Martinez Johnson: “I Admire Alexandria Ocasio Cortez”

Alexis Martinez Johnson and the 2020 Election

It is fortunate for the people of the USA that Johnson is running in a deep-blue district against a formidable opponent, and that Alexis Johnson hired campaign consultants who can’t figure out how to send a fundraising email, because if Alexis Martinez Johnson is elected to the US House of Representatives, the people of New Mexico will have sent one of the most evil, conniving and horrendous people to United States Government and we will truly see her destructive plans for the USA put into action.

Alexis Martinez Johnson’s Actions and Flip-Flopping After the Republican Primary Shows That She is the Wrong Choice for New Mexico Families

When I started as campaign manager, strategist, & volunteer, nobody had ever heard of Alexis Martinez Johnson and I worked, boots on the ground, with ZERO financial contribution to help Alexis get to the next level based upon my belief in her, contributing my ideas, skills, and experience as a Native New Mexican and what I felt needed to be changed in New Mexico Politics due to my lifelong passion, interest and study of politics and political philosophy. I was the main driver of Alexis’ campaign from October 2019 until my Resignation on July 28, 2020.

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Alexis Martinez Johnson 2020 Political Strategy Visualized.

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New Mexico Political News & Analysis. I am a conservative in Albuquerque, New Mexico who believes in Traditional, New Mexico Values.

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