What I Learned From My Journey Into New Mexico Politics in 2020

2020 was a transformative year, due to the COVID 19 pandemic and the cultural experiences which have reshaped society. For me personally 2020 was an incredibly transformative year where I rediscovered one of my passions and interests: Politics in New Mexico.

Campaigning and Politics in 2020 (in a nutshell)

In 2019 and 2020 I worked as part of a political campaign for US House of Representatives. In the pre-primary months, it was nobody except me and the candidate; I worked every day on building the campaign in some fashion. I joined due to my previous political experience and interest in making a change in New Mexico. The candidate whom I had invested hundreds of hours of my sweat, hopes, ambitions and childhood memories, decided to hand over the power and money to an “out of state” campaign consultant group after winning the June 2020 Primary.

I resigned from the campaign which I built from the ground up for a number of reasons, primarily because I was so disgusted that a person would hand over the power which I had acquired through toil and sweat so easily. I then carried out an online campaign to expose the truth about my dealings with the candidate. A number of ‘band wagon’ jumpers who joined after the primary, and sometimes only a couple of days before hand, began “attacking” me for being critical of the Republican Nominee. The irony is so heavy, that people were attacking me for exposing the truth about a candidate which I created.

What I Learned About Politics in 2020

What I learned from this experience was not to trust politicians, or any other person, with your hopes, dreams and ambitions for the future. That’s how dictators and dictatorial societies are created. After investing my own dreams and memories of growing up in Northern New Mexico on the Dulce, NM Jicarilla Apache Reservation, the people of New Mexico were fooled into believing in a character which did not exist, a politician who no longer exists after her loss in the November 2020 Republican Primary.

I also learned that success in politics, like anything, requires a daily grinding, a continuous effort into a project which only gains traction after a few months. Even with only a couple of months until the election, after I had built up two social media platform with thousands of likes, I had a message about a political candidate which I wanted to get out into the world. So I created a blog (the one you are reading now) and simply shared my stories through social media.

These stories about the real Alexis Martinez Johnson, and how she is unqualified for US House of Representatives and ultimately lost in the General Election between Teresa Leger Fernandez who received 58% of the vote to Alexis Johnson’s 42% of the vote. Now all of “Conservative Twitter” is upset at me for ‘attacking’ the Republican candidate, when I was raising legitimate issues such as the candidate stating “I Admire AOC”. I don’t understand how Conservatives and Republicans feel that it’s acceptable to give “a pass” when Republicans pander in this way, but truthfully no one thought Alexis Martinez Johnson had a chance at defeating Teresa Leger Fernandez, evidenced by the fact that the Mainstream Media in New Mexico were giving Alexis Johnson “fluff” pieces, even the week before the election.

Teresa Leger Fernandez didn’t even campaign, or run in any meaningful way in regards to Alexis Martinez Johnson, and was able to simply act as a fundraiser for the Democrat Machine in New Mexico and the United States. What Alexis’s 42%-58% result show was that if she had decided to listen to me and do what I had told her to do in July, rather than listening to horrible campaign consultants and “Social Media Consultants”, she would have had a much better showing at the poll and potentially could have won for US House of Representatives NM03.

Unfortunately, once Alexis won the Republican Primary (when I showed her every step of the way), she “sold out” like most politicians and rather than staying true to the people who were loyal to her (only me), she went with fake campaign staff which resulted in a stunted and horrible campaign in which she didn’t order signs until October 2020 and was rushing around until Election Day trying to give out yard signs.

What my experience with Alexis Johnson for Congress taught me was to trust people less, especially politicians, not to believe their lies and promises, and also to invest in my own success rather than someone who is just “in it” for the money.

Why I Started This Blog

The reasons above are why I started this blog: to have a place for me to share my thoughts on a daily basis, comment on the happenings of New Mexico Politics, and to invest in my own success rather than believing that a politician will “help me” once I have helped them achieve the next level. I am hoping that through daily practice of writing a blog that people will understand my struggles and frustration with the politicians. I am fighting for a better New Mexico, based upon my experience of being born in New Mexico and graduating from College in NM.

I believe that I am the most qualified to discuss the challenges faced by the people of New Mexico because I care about New Mexico: our culture, heritage and future. New Mexico is unique in the United States due to our tri-cultural composed of Anglo, Spanish and Native American culture. New Mexico is a microcosm of the United States. We have the Art Galleries in Santa Fe, farming and ranching communities across New Mexico, and Oil & Gas which provides the energy independence for the United States and high-paying jobs which allow New Mexicans an opportunity at “The American Dream”. I will continue my journey of working towards a better New Mexico every day.

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New Mexico Political News & Analysis. I am a conservative in Albuquerque, New Mexico who believes in Traditional, New Mexico Values.

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