The Rise and Fall of Alexis Martinez Johnson: Republican Nominee for US House NM03

Alexis Martinez Johnson is a cautionary tale for potential politicians who think that they can come to New Mexico, take advantage of our good nature, and then “sell” us out at the first opportunity.

I originally started writing this blog in order to expose the hypocrisy of a candidate for US Congress because I believe in conservative values of Faith, Family and Freedom such as Freedom of Speech and holding our elected officials accountable to what they say and to the promises they make to their supporters.

Such as when US House NM03 2020 Republican Nominee Alexis Martinez Johnson asked me to help her run for congress, build her entire campaign, only for her to back out of her promises such as staying True to New Mexico, and transferring power and control to an out of state group which did not understand or value our rich New Mexico cultural heritage, and Alexis Johnson became just another politician.

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I have been criticized for exposing the truth, by “Republicans” who believe it’s acceptable for our candidate to say something so extreme as “I admire Alexandria Ocasio Cortez”, who promotes the extreme left wing agenda which we are fighting against in the House. For every person who criticized me for going after a Republican candidate, the truth is that at that point Alexis showed that she was taking Republican voters for granted while also pandering to the Democrats of New Mexico. What’s especially interesting is that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has endorsed Alexis’ opponent, Teresa Leger Fernandez.

Alexis is an example of a political amateur who has no principles, knowledge, or experience so they flip-flop on the issues. For Example, Alexis made a huge deal about not wearing a mask when requested by police officers, said she was fighting for constitutional rights, and then plead ‘no contest’ to a mask citation rather than standing up for what she claimed she believed in. Which is similar to how she never lived up to any of the promises she made to me when I started in September 2019 — which was to continue to represent the issues which have been ignored in New Mexico Politics, and 2020 is the year we put New Mexico First.

The typical political playbook is for our of state officials to come to New Mexico — as I found out through a press release by NM Democrats — Alexis had moved to New Mexico from Texas where she lived from 2011 until Aug 2019 when she moved to NM and decided to run for Congress, and take advantage of our good nature and hard working work ethic. If we allow politicians to lie to New Mexico without consequence, we are in a world of hurt.

The Rise of Alexis Martinez Johnson

I re-entered politics in September 2019 when Alexis Johnson asked me to help her run for congress, I agreed because I felt that it was my time to have my voice heard on a larger stage, and to voice the concerns I have had my entire life growing up in New Mexico which were ignored by our career politicians in Santa Fe and Washington D.C. My previous experience was as the Student Body President at New Mexico Tech which is where I originally met Alexis Martinez when we were both students. I have written extensively about my time as campaign manager, such as how Alexis even qualified for the Republican Ballot in June 2020 after receiving only 11% of Republican Delegates at the March 2020 Republican Nominating Convention.

The Fall of Alexis Martinez Johnson

With the recent poll results for US House NM CD3 of a 23-point lead for Democrat Teresa Leger Fernandez, a Yale and Stanford graduate who worked as an Attorney in New Mexico for the last 30 years, over political amateur Alexis Martinez Johnson. I worked for the Alexis Johnson for Congress and built her campaign from zero for 10 months until I resigned in July 2020 because Alexis had transferred control to an out of state campaign consultant group who had a losing strategy which I did not agree with, and we have seen the results of this losing strategy and the fact that Alexis paid nearly $30,000 to this out of state group while paying me $2500 for 10 months of work, shows her true intentions in getting into this race, which was not to give a voice to the New Mexican.

Like most politicians, Alexis moved to New Mexico right before running for congress, made promises to me, then when we, the people of New Mexico, deliver, the politician hands over our hard fought power and sovereignty to an out of state group based out of Las Vegas, NV. A major turning point in the Alexis Johnson for Congress 2020 campaign occurred on the day that she hired out of state campaign consultants, and she was an ineffective manager showing poor leadership and organizational skills. This decision will be the main reason for her loss to Teresa Leger Fernandez in the upcoming November 2020 General Election.

Alexis selling out after I guided her to a historic victory in the Republican Primaries, to out of state campaign consultants who immediately created a hostile work environment and dismissed the voice of the New Mexican in favor of out-dated and ineffective “politics as usual” template, caused Alexis to lose the conservative values that we had agreed upon at the beginning when I started and almost immediately Alexis turned into a liberal politician.

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Alexis Martinez Johnson: “I admire Alexandria Ocasio Cortez”

Alexis Martinez Johnson Loses to Teresa Leger Fernandez

I have been calling for a Teresa Leger Fernandez win for quite some time, even before the polling came out, and the most recent polls show Teresa Leger Fernandez ahead by 23%, with 58% of respondents to Alexis Martinez Johnson’s 35%. A poll conducted previously had showed Alexis at 35% and Teresa at 50%, demonstrating that Alexis’ weak campaign has not even “moved the needle” in regards to any additional voters, even above the 32% by Steve McFall who ran against Ben Ray Lujan seeking his 6th term in 2018.

As further proof of the failings of Alexis Martinez Johnson and her out of state campaign consultants, on the eve of the election Johnson is on the side of the road begging for votes:

The rise and fall of Alexis Martinez Johnson was my proof to people that I can make and break a candidate if they break their promises to myself and the New Mexican People. After November 3, Johnson will have received such a humiliating and soul-crushing defeat that she may never be able to run for any other elected position again. Let this serve as a warning to all potential out of state politicians who want to come to New Mexico to take advantage of our good nature.

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New Mexico Political News & Analysis. I am a conservative in Albuquerque, New Mexico who believes in Traditional, New Mexico Values.

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