The Path Forward for Trump Supporters After Joe Biden’s Premature Announcement of Victory

Donald Trump is still the United States President. Legal challenges and processes — such as the Electoral College — must continue to be followed as part of a peaceful transition of power.

Despite a lack of certifications, final results of vote counts in a number of states, and no vote in the electoral College yet, the Mainstream Media has prematurely declared Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the winner of the November 2020 Presidential Election. The emotional impact for conservatives is a potent mix of frustration, a huge ‘let down’, and disillusionment. It is becoming more and more clear that a Democrat coup has been perpetrated on the United States, with the complicity of the main stream media, in violation and against the Democratic Process and hundreds of years of tradition and established law and protocol including the Electoral College.

Inciting “Mob Rule” in the United States

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who is the thought-leader and main figurehead for the Democrat Party in the United States began a new political atmosphere of ‘retribution’ by Democrats who feel wronged by the Presidency of Donald Trump, by suggesting that Democrats create a ‘list’ of Donald Trump “sycophants”. The envious and jealous attitude being nurtured and growing of Trump supporters being vilified, coupled with the premature announcement of Joe Biden’s “projected victory” have created a sense of ‘righteous indignation’ among Democrats / the Left, who now feel emboldened in going after Conservatives, Republicans, you know, fellow Americans.

A Path Forward for Trump Supporters

To begin, Donald Trump, a “true American Patriot”, was never thought to even be a serious contender for the presidency in 2016 and delivered historic wins for Republicans and Conservatives for four years, including putting “America First” and nominating 3 Supreme Court Justices whose impact on Law & Society will last decades.

Election 2020: Separating the Strong from the Weak

What has been the most surprising to me about the 2020 November Election is the number of “band wagon” jumpers who will simply follow what the Media says at the first sign of trouble. Election 2020 is giving us the opportunity to see who is a real, “Trump”-Republican and who is a “Romney” Republican, nothing more than an empty suit who won’t do the hard work of campaigning during an election but will certainly jump on the Band Wagon based upon what the media prematurely “announces”. In a highly fractured and “balkanized” politically environment, the Election 2020 will allow us to see who are our true friends and enemies.

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Joaquin Roibal. Albuquerque, NM. October 2020.

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New Mexico Political News & Analysis. I am a conservative in Albuquerque, New Mexico who believes in Traditional, New Mexico Values.

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