The Joaquin Roibal that Nobody Knows

I am passionate about New Mexico Politics because I am New Mexico.

Each of us have our own internal story, where we are the Hero. and sometimes we are the villain, and any number of different characters and roles through out our own life. I am nobody special; a 33 year old man who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico and who is passionate about philosophy, history, and politics of New Mexico. People, Society, thinks of New Mexico as a backwood, dry, dusty patch of land between Arizona and Texas. Everyone loves to criticize New Mexico for being “last in everything good” (such as childhood education), disparage us, and laugh at us as a way to keep us down.

In my own life people think of me as Dumb, or an idiot. So I went to New Mexico Tech and graduated with a Master of Science in Mining Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering, and that still wasn’t “good enough” for some people. Growing up in New Mexico I was always a shy and quiet kid, then teenager, all through college I did my best to “get along” and play the game and still it wasn’t good enough for these people.

Now, people love to put me in a box, call me a troll, and call me an “A Hole” simply because I question the current Status Quo of New Mexico Politics in which out of state politicians love to Come to New Mexico to “Save us” and fix our problems, when in reality they just come to New Mexico to take advantage of our good nature for their own benefit.

Growing up as a Hispanic male in New Mexico, on one side (Mother’s) a second generation immigrant Family and on my Dad’s side (Roibal), a long and rich history in New Mexico, I always had the sense that I was not “good enough”. I lived in Nob Hill, went to the best schools in New Mexico: Monte Vista Elementary, Jefferson Middle School, Albuquerque High School and ultimately to New Mexico Tech and St. John’s College in Santa Fe.

In any group or society, it’s always acceptable to “hate” and “detract” on whoever is on top or currently leading, the “Crabs in a Bucket” mentality. For Example, the previous four years in America it has been “cool” to detract from Donald Trump and the entire media and culture has embraced this position. Similarly, in the years before President Trump’s “America First” Policies, the United States was constantly criticized by the United Nations, WHO, and other “one world government” type organizations. President Trump stopped apologizing for America, removed the United States from these organizations, and is returning to American Exceptionalism.

Putting Joaquin Roibal First

Similarly, when I stopped “playing Nice” in New Mexico Politics, people started immediately tearing me down such as calling me “The biggest idiot in Politics since Joe Biden or Bill Richardson.”

For Example, after I was the most essential piece in the Alexis Johnson for Congress June 2020 Republican Primary, and she “sold out” to out of state campaign consultants, I decided that I personally have had enough of the out of state politicians coming to New Mexico and getting rich off of our hard work. So I decided to call out Alexis Johnson for all of her weak, flip flopping and the fact that she doesn’t know politics, nor truly care about New Mexico, which is evidenced by the fact that she paid $30,000 to Las Vegas, NV based campaign consultants who were secretly liberals and had horrible advice, which resulted in a humiliating 58%-42% loss by Alexis Martinez Johnson in the November 2020 general election against Santa Fe Attorney Teresa Leger Fernandez.

Now that Alexis Martinez Johnson’s political career ended in spectacular fashion and she is returning to Private Life, and doing nothing to help out our great President Donald Trump, it shows that she never had any ‘heart’ or ‘passion’ to change ANYTHING in New Mexico Politics, and I can get back to the real issues that I care about, which was the entire reason I helped Alexis Johnson run for Congress in the first place.

Putting New Mexico and the United States First By Protecting Our Cultural Heritage

One aspect or feature of American Society which has become the Norm is accepting of ‘Average’ or being in the middle. Exceptionalism, being first, or even having pride in your self, your state or your country is laughed at and ridiculed. The major difference that I see between Liberals and Conservatives (Democrats and Republicans) is that Republicans and Conservatives believe in a strong, independent and sovereign United States, while Liberals and Democrats believe in “One World Government” and apologizing to our enemies such as China. America has a long and storied past, but the greatest and best example, to me, of what it means to be an American is that fact that, we, an independent and free people who live in a Democracy, defeated (in a world war), a fascist, racist and Authoritarian Regime, the Nazi Party of Germany led by Adolf Hitler.

Many people in today’s society, for many reasons, want to forget, erase, or minimize the great people and achievements by Americans. The food in New Mexico is unique across the United States due to our influence of American, Spanish and Native American Cultures. These recipes have been passed from family to family and made hundreds of thousands of times in homes all across New Mexico.

The Left, and Socialist ideas, want to crush even the smallest bits of culture and heritage, so that society becomes a tasteless gruel upon which each person ‘receives’ only enough sustenance to live one more day in service to “The State”. Due to people overlooking New Mexico as “backwoods”, dry and dusty, our culture has been untouched and preserved. 2020, a year for cultural shifts, saw New Mexico catapulted to the center of American Politics, and one of the biggest events in New Mexico Politics in 2020 was when , under the guise of “Native American” forgiveness (?) by radical groups of Left-Wing anarchists such as “Red Nation”.

We, Conservatives and American Patriots, must protect our unique culture from those who wish to destroy our cultural heritage. The American Dream is Alive and Well in 2020.

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Joaquin Roibal. Albuquerque, NM. October 2020.

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New Mexico Political News & Analysis. I am a conservative in Albuquerque, New Mexico who believes in Traditional, New Mexico Values.

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