NM Democrats’ Political Ambitions in Joe Biden’s Administration

The Democrats in New Mexico have started “counting their chickens” and plotting the next upgrade to their political career based upon a presumed Joe Biden Presidential Election Victory.

The National and Local News Media plays an important part of the Democrat Machine by controlling the public narrative. Politico and the Albuquerque Journal have begun speculating as well on the potential for NM Democrats to gain positions in the highest level of Joe Biden’s potential Presidential Administration. Well known New Mexico Politico Joe Monahan explains the political ambitions of Prominent Democrats for Joe Biden’s Presidential Cabinet.

Mr. Monahan, and the other members of the “Fourth Estate”, brought up three topics which Democrats now believe are political reality due to Biden’s premature declaration of Victory by the Media: 1. Michelle Lujan Grisham, after months of speculation, is poised to become the US Secretary of Health & Human Services in Biden’s Cabinet. 2. Retiring US Senator from New Mexico Tom Udall is expected to become the US Department of Interior Secretary. 3. “Maryland” Marty Heinrich moving to New Mexico from Maryland, and enrolling his kids in APS in preparation for 2022 Run for NM Governor.

“Top of the Ticket” Michelle Lujan Grisham

Politico has reported Michelle Lujan Grisham as a frontrunner for Biden’s Health and Human Services Secretary due to the fact that she is a Latina, is a co-chair of Biden’s Transition Team, and her experience as governor and running NM Health and Human Services.

Many Republicans and Democrats speculated that MLG’s CoronaVirus Lockdowns and pandemic response were an “audition” for Health & Human Services Secretary Position in a Biden Administration.

As described in the Albuquerque Journal,

Already, Lujan Grisham is one of the co-chairs of Biden’s transition team, and her chief of staff, John Bingaman, recently took a leave of absence to assist with transition-related tasks.

Living under Michelle Lujan Grisham’s Reign has shown me how quickly a tyrannical government can be installed in the United States and the importance of the Separation of Powers. MLG has weekly ‘mask shamings’, such as when she criticized the entire town of Espanola for not wearing masks when she drove through town. In Joe Monahan’s blog, he quotes an MLG Spokesman describing Republicans as “Pro-Virus”. We are not “pro-virus”, we are “pro-freedom”.

Joe Monahan stated “MLG is seen as a centrist — not a progressive — thus her confirmation chances are also seen as good in a GOP Senate, barring any unexpected surprises”. I believe we are seeing a potential for Conservatives in New Mexico to gain a bit of respect from our Governor MLG who has consistently, due to minority status of Republicans in NM, criticized and marginalized Republicans and anyone who raise legitimize issues about the excessive Corona Virus lockdown response by MLG. MLG believes that she can just step over us, then when on a national stage, smile and slap hands with the GOP.

We, Republicans and Conservatives in New Mexico, must raise our voice to a national level on some of MLG’s misdeeds and misstatements, including her spokesman describing the NM as a “death cult” and now claiming that we are “pro-virus.” The National GOP must back us up, the ‘little brother’ of Conservatives and Republicans in New Mexico, and provide a bit of push-back to MLG regarding her characterizations of Republicans.

Retiring US Senator Tom Udall, NM CD1 Rep Deb Haaland Named as Leading Contenders for Department of Interior Secretary

Politico also stated that the other two top contenders are also from New Mexico: Martin Heinrich and Deb Haaland. Haaland and Udall have worked together on a resolution of setting a national goal to “conserve” 30% of Ocean and Land in the United States. Deb Haaland served as Democratic Party of NM Chair before being elected to NM CD-1 in 2018, which Michelle Lujan Grisham occupied until being elected to NM Governorship.

Deb has quickly rose to the top of the Democrat Machine of US Politics, including being the campaign co-chair for Elizabeth Warren’s failed Presidential Campaign in 2020. If Haaland is chosen for Department of Interior Secretary, NM CD1 would “open up” through special election, where the potential for a strong conservative Republican to make a name for themselves and “shake up” NM Politics for a bit exists in NM CD-1, however, the voting block is comprised almost entirely of Albuquerque Residents and leans heavily Democrat as evidenced by Deb Haaland’s 59% of the electorate for Re-Election against Republican Michelle Garcia Holmes.

Tom Udall’s decision, as the Senior Senator for NM, not to seek re-election in 2020 provided an incredible opportunity to “shake up” NM Politics, by opening up a US Senate Race which attracted 6-term US House Rep for NM03 Ben Ray Lujan who won election to the US Senate with 52% of the vote against political Newcomer Mark Ronchetti. Lujan’s move to the senate opened up NM CD-3, which was an unfortunately underwhelming race due to the fact that Republican Nominee Alexis Martinez Johnson ran an incredibly weak campaign of pandering for Democrat votes rather than running as a strong conservative, and which Teresa Leger Fernandez handily won with 59% of the vote and can expect, just like Ben Ray Lujan, to get re-elected with 60%+ of the vote for the next 10 years.

Maryland Marty Heinrich Moves to Albuquerque; Preparing to Run for Governor?

Joe Monahan described Martin Heinrich’s decision to move back to NM and enroll his kids in APS is setting down roots apparent potential run for NM Governor in 2022:

Heinrich, who has been living in Maryland, recently registered his kids with ABQ Public Schools and is said to be quietly eying a possible run for the 2022 Dem nomination for Governor.

The term “Carpet Bagger”, common in New Mexico Politics, comes to mind. Martin Heinrich will potentially face Lieutenant Governor Howie Morales and NM Attorney General Hector Balderas in the Democrat Primaries.

Stopping the NM Democrat Machine After 2021

And the Democrat Machine Marches on…

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Joaquin Roibal. Albuquerque, New Mexico. October 2020.

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New Mexico Political News & Analysis. I am a conservative in Albuquerque, New Mexico who believes in Traditional, New Mexico Values.

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