NM College Republicans “Acknowledge Defeat” in 2020 Presidential Election

New Mexico College Republicans join the left-wing Media in prematurely declaring Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 General Election

In an effort to seem “hip”, “cool”, and/or “woke”, a few prominent Republicans such as George Bush, Mitt Romney, Cindy McCain and the New Mexico College Republicans have taken it upon themselves and joining in with the Media / Mob in prematurely declaring Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election.

We are seeing typical left-wing tactics such as a presenting their side of the issue with an air of superiority, and virtue signaling to coerce conservatives into compliance. These actions are similar to the Black Lives Matter marches were attendees coerce and intimidate bystanders into compliance.

New Mexico College “Republicans” Acknowledge Defeat

Bush, Romney and McCain have always been critical of Donald Trump and his “America First” Agenda, the NM College Republicans announcement was a surprise due to the fact that their Social Media pages had been dormant throughout the 2020 Election Season, provided no help to the Republican Candidates running in 2020, and then decide to ‘pop up’ with an announcement that they have accepted Joe Biden as the President Elect, stating .

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New Mexico College Republicans “acknowledge Defeat”

To me it’s unclear why they even made this announcement, particularly in light of the fact that they did nothing during the election, and decided to jump in during a contested election to “acknowledge defeat.” Basically it’s as if a war has been raging between two armies for months and years, and right in the middle of battle, a scrawny weakling runs from hiding in the back lines to the front lines of the war, joining the Republican side, and in the height of battle they start waving the white flag screaming “We Surrender!!”

This announcement from the New Mexico College Republicans is factually incorrect, extremely weak, as is typical “left wing” doublespeak, where this group of college students are joining in and acquiescing to the pressure from the “Left”. The NM CR’s are abusing the “Republican” name for their own political benefit by jumping the gun and joining the mob in prematurely declaring Joe Biden the winner. The NM College Republicans statement is particularly hypocritical due to the fact that, fairly and legally decided elections are how Democracies move forward as one Nation composed of many different groups.

In a rush for “unity”, which is simply a euphemism for silencing valid concerns in the United States and also around the election, the NM CR’s are taking it upon themselves to be the “arbiters” of Democracy in the US, rather than following the legal process, which will have severe ramifications if we all simply “accept” Joe Biden as the US President.

What will happen in 2024, are we all just going to “accept” whoever the Republican Nominee is as President under the name of “unity”? There is a reason that we have elections which are structured the way that they are, specifically the Electoral College. Rather than pass legislation to change the Electoral College process, Democrats are simply using the media and “mob mentality” tactics to install Joe Biden as president, and specifically targeting conservatives who stand up against this mob-mentality. Rather than engaging in open dialogue, shame and humiliation are used to coerce conservatives into submission with their plan in the name of “unity”.

Additionally, the NM College Republicans actions went against what we believe as Republicans. “Republicans” are named because we believe in the “Republic”, of which the Electoral College is one important feature of our current American Constitutional Republic.

Purge the RINOs in 2020

I am a Republican because I believe in the Freedom, the US Constitution, and respect for Law & Order. The current Democrat Party believes in Big Government, top-down control, and bending to the ‘whims’ of the Day such as the Black Lives Matter movement. While the democrats use power and control, including limiting free speech and dissent against their Agenda, Republicans believe in Freedom: Free Speech, Free Markets and Individual Liberty.

A Republican In Name Only (RINO) is someone who, despite being a registered Republican, is someone whose thoughts, language and votes with the Democrats / Left Wing Agenda. In New Mexico, the Democrat control and domination is so complete that many Republicans and Conservatives are essentially Liberal Democrats, which is exactly what we are seeing from the College Republicans and their announcement of “acknowledging defeat” in following the process to nominate a President based on the November 2020 General Election.

What we need in New Mexico are strong conservatives who will stand up to the left-wing mob tactics, rather than weak spineless Republicans who believe “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!” which only further perpetuates the Democrat control in New Mexico. Personally, I have issues with a number of the Democrat platform (specifically the Green New Deal, Socialism, etc), and a one party system not only gives Democrats a stranglehold on the legislative process (which we saw through the ‘Rocket Docket’) but also by stifling opposing viewpoints, the ‘self-correcting’ nature of a Democracy is broken and the one-party controlled system becomes corrupt and inefficient. So much about our American System of governance requires a balance, separation of power, and open dialogue.

The time has come for a Republican Party in New Mexico which is willing to stand up and fight for our Traditional, New Mexican Values such as independence, hard work, and respect for other people. These principles are how a multicultural state such as New Mexico has been able to survive and thrive peacefully. Rather than joining in the complete dominance of thought, media and government in New Mexico by Democrats, perhaps the New Mexico College Republicans should take a class in the Electoral College before making such large pronouncements as who is and who isn’t “President-Elect”.

The defeatist attitude of the New Mexico College Republicans will not serve New Mexico, the United States, or even the careers of these budding “Republicans” due to the complexity and challenges of US Government and Politics, and they were willing to sacrifice our Party and what we believe in to get a bit of “acceptance” from the current left-wing mob.

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Joaquin Roibal in Albuquerque, New Mexico. October 2020.

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New Mexico Political News & Analysis. I am a conservative in Albuquerque, New Mexico who believes in Traditional, New Mexico Values.

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