New Mexico Federal Election Poll Results Sept 2020: Donald Trump, Mark Ronchetti, Yvette Herrell

Recently the Albuquerque Journal released a series of poll results between the Republican and Democrat candidates for President, US Senate and the Three US House seats for New Mexico.

As with any polling / data sample set, there are a number of issues with the sample size (only 300–400 for each House poll, with a more sizable 1100 for the US Senate Seat), and there will be some percentage error, but these are incredibly useful data that we can utilize to move forward to ensure Republican success in November 2020.

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NM Federal Candidates 2020, September 2020 Polling Results

The results from the Albuquerque Journal were as follows:

Personally I feel that these results are slightly skewed against the Republican candidates, particularly Donald Trump, but from this data, we can learn a few things.

Number 1 takeaway from this data is that the NM CD02 race is “too close to call” as described by the Albuquerque Journal, as they are seperated by only 2 percentage points with 9% undecided.

The next closest race is US Senate, with only a 9% difference between Mark Ronchetti and Ben Ray Lujan, which is incredibly close at this stage of the game and even more impressive considering the significant advantages of Ben Ray Lujan among voters, which we are seeing being overcome by Mark Ronchetti’s name recognition coupled with his dedication to the campaign trail. Given the additional fact of a third-party Candidate, Bob Walsh with the Libertarian Party, at 4% of the voters which could be assumed to be siphoned from Ronchetti, it makes this an even closer race.

Given the data-set provided, the third and final of what I would describe as ‘winnable’ races for New Mexico would be US President Donald Trump, and I put the true representative values between Trump/Biden to much closer reflect the Ronchetti / Lujan split, and that these two are the top of the ticket together it will be more likely that they both win or both lose.

Mark Ronchetti:

Donald Trump:

Yvette Herrell:

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New Mexico Political News & Analysis. I am a conservative in Albuquerque, New Mexico who believes in Traditional, New Mexico Values.

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