Michelle Garcia Holmes Stands For New Mexico Values in Debate With Deb Haaland

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Michelle Garcia Holmes Stands for NM Values in Debate with Deb Haaland

On October 11, after declining numerous invitations to debate, US Representative for New Mexico’s 1st District, Democrat Deb Haaland debated Republican challenger Michelle Garcia Holmes on KOAT. The fact that Deb Haaland was unwilling to debate, in the first place, and defend her actions while in Congress to the voters of New Mexico shows that career politicians — including Ben Ray Lujan, and Xochitl Torres Small — are more focused on their careers and out of state money than serving the constituents which they represent.

Deb Haaland is a half-pueblo half-Norwegian graduate of the University of New Mexico School of Law who was first elected to the US House in 2018, with claims of “making history” for being one of the first two female Native Americans to enter congress. During her tenure in US House, she has sided with “The Squad” including Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and has voted on various “Defund the Police” legislation.

Michelle Garcia Holmes is a life-long New Mexico who worked as a Police Officer and former Chief of Staff for the New Mexico Attorney General who ran unsuccessfully for Lieutenant Governor in 2018 with running mate Steve Pearce. Michelle’s campaign is based upon her previous law & order background and that she will be the Representative who will be able to solve Albuquerque’s high crime rate due to her previous experience in coordinating law enforcement agencies at different levels of government.

Michelle Garcia Holmes Stands Strong on New Mexico Values When Debating Deb Haaland

My thoughts as I watched the Debate:

MGH stood strong for Traditional Values when debating Deb Haaland and held Deb accountable for her voting record to the people of New Mexico. Through her dedication and ability to fight for New Mexico Values, Michelle Garcia Holmes held Deb accountable to the people of New Mexico and demonstrated that Michelle is the best choice for New Mexico Families in NM CD1.

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New Mexico Political News & Analysis. I am a conservative in Albuquerque, New Mexico who believes in Traditional, New Mexico Values.

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