Karen Bedonie: a True American Patriot and The Future of New Mexico Politics

A letter of Support To American Patriot and Small Business Owner Karen Bedonie from Alexis Johnson for Congress former Campaign Manager Joaquin Roibal

Karen Bedonie: A True Fighter for the People of New Mexico

Karen Bedonie is a true American Patriot, a Navajo Nation member, and small business owner. After witnessing Karen’s incredible gifts — and pure grit — I now realize that Karen Bedonie is what New Mexico needs to save us from the “Empty Suit Politicians” in Santa Fe, such as the current NM CD3 Republican Nominee Alexis M. Johnson.

The purpose of this letter is to state my support for former US Congressional Republican Candidate and True American Patriot Karen Bedonie.

I now realize that I made a tremendous mistake in believing Johnson’s lies and that Karen Bedonie, who ran in the June 2020 Republican Primaries and received tremendous support across New Mexico, is a much better conservative and advocate for New Mexico than the current Republican Nominee Alexis Johnson who has sold out New Mexico in her quest for political relevance.

Who is Karen Bedonie?

I first got to know Karen Bedonie starting in October of 2019 when I was the Alexis Johnson for Congress campaign manager/lead strategist. Over the following months, I witnessed Karen Bedonie who is truly a force in American Politics due to her experience, dedication, and Work Ethic. Karen lives in a rural portion of New Mexico on the Navajo Nation in the small town of Mexican Springs, NM.

Karen’s strong, conservative values have been heard across the world due to her ability to connect with people of all races and socio-economic background. In fact, Turning Point USA produced a documentary regarding Socialism and the Navajo Nation in which Karen Bedonie and her Family were the main focus:

Karen Bedonie and 2020 Republican Primaries

Over the past year I have seen Karen withstand numerous personal and professional attacks, including the fact that multiple polling locations in McKinley County and surrounding areas were closed for the June 2020 Primaries, which suppressed the tremendous support for Karen Bedonie in Western New Mexico.

Regarding my role as campaign manager / advisor for Alexis Johnson for Congress, I now understand that my actions in helping Johnson were misguided and the result was that we got a fake politician Alexis Johnson as our nominee instead of a true fighter Karen Bedonie whom has been working harder on the campaign trail since the June 2020 primaries than Alexis, who has revealed that her true intentions in moving to New Mexico in August 2019 and selling out the people of New Mexico for her own political ambitions.

In less than 1 week on November 3, 2020, we will see Alexis Martinez Johnson receive a humiliating loss in the general election against Teresa Leger Fernandez due to Alexis’ flip-flopping on Traditional, New Mexican Values. This humiliating loss by Johnson will send the message to all flip-flopping, weak Politicians that you can not simply move to New Mexico and exploit our good nature for their political career.

Karen Bedonie’s Future Political Career

In New Mexico, we believe in Traditional Values such as Faith, Family and Freedom. While there are many politicians in New Mexico that claim they believe in these values, their actions demonstrate that they just come to New Mexico to exploit the New Mexican people.

I believe that Karen Bedonie we’ll have a long long career in politics in New Mexico which will benefit New Mexicans due to her strength and ability to withstand the pressures from “the Left”.

Karen has received a groundswell of grassroot supporters in New Mexico, including a Facebook group of nearly 700 members who are actively encouraging Karen Bedonie to run for New Mexico Governor in 2022. Karen has not yet stated her intention to seek NM Governor position, but it’s undeniable that Karen will have a long and successful career in New Mexico Politics standing up and fighting for the Traditional, New Mexican Values.

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New Mexico Political News & Analysis. I am a conservative in Albuquerque, New Mexico who believes in Traditional, New Mexico Values.

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