Joaquin Roibal Letter To Aspiring Politicians Jan 2020

Dear Aspiring Politician,

It’s me, your friend Joaquin, although you not yet know that I am your friend. The reason that I started this blog is to write, share and discuss my political thoughts, theories and leanings so that you may learn how to win an Election in 2020.

Since I was a child, I have been particularly interested, bordering on obsessed, with ‘Power’. In middle school, I joined an after-school ‘gaming’ club and when my science teacher and club sponsor, Mr. Kaestner, explained the board game ‘Risk’, I very distinctly remember a shiver going down my spine. Something about the countries, armies, advanced strategy was appealing to me even at that age. I believe it is at this age that my fascination with power began, because children (among many other segments of society) are powerless.

My fascination with politics and power has followed me through my life. Reading Kingdom of Fear and The Prince. Winning Student Association President at New Mexico Tech in 2010. Being politically mentored by Paul H. Bradley.

Politics has many definitions and understandings. Hunter S. Thompson stated that “Politics is the Art of Controlling Your Environment.” I attended a course this weekend by the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership, which defined Politics as “‘Poli’:-meaning Many and ‘Tics’-meaning blood sucking creatures”.

Politicians are social creatures. I am not a politician because, among many reasons, I do not have that sociable / likability factor. However, because I am not a politician and yet have studied Power, its applicability and maintenance, I believe I have a much better understanding into the fundamental skills and qualities, and the ‘making’ of a Politician.

Required Reading for Every Politician
History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides
Kingdom of Fear by Hunter S. Thompson
Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
On War by Clausewitz

Joaquin Roibal’s Favorite Politicians / Political Inspirations
Angela Merkel
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Brian Colon
Alexis Johnson

To be a politician is a relentless pursuit and a life-long endeavor. Let’s take a lesson from Brian Colon, current NM State Auditor. I watched, and supported, Brian Colon as he ran for Abq City Mayor and lost, ran another race and lost, and ultimately triumphed as New Mexico State Auditor. I raise this example, not only to demonstrate the importance of resiliency in a Politician, but to introduce the Politician as not only a person, but an amalgamation of thoughts, hopes and dreams of hundreds or millions of people.

When a politician announces their desires to seek public office, immediately they begin to draw support and criticism. Every question, event and victory is what shapes, forms and determines a Politician’s stance on the issues, platform, and future. Slowly and quickly, gently and forcefully, the Politician is shaped into a statue of Michelangelo which was brought into creation by thousands of questions, rebuttals and debates: A product of a specific time and place, created for one purpose.

In the 3 months that I have been actively engaged in your election campaign, I have watched you flower from a timid, shy person to a strong, dedicated political figure. You have been created for which the purpose you will serve: A strong representative of the millions of people who have helped to shape and grow you into you who you are today. For our efforts, all that we ask is that you please make your best effort to represent us in your office, keep us in your thoughts, and advocate for our best interests. I will be watching and supporting you.

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Joaquin Roibal, Master of Science Graduation May 2017

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