Joaquin Roibal, Former Alexis Johnson for Congress Campaign Manager, Official Statement Regarding Resignation

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Myself and Alexis Martinez Johnson April 2020, Grants New Mexico (ABQ Journal Scan)

It was a privilege and an honor to serve as Campaign Manager for Alexis Johnson for Congress from October 2019 until July 28, 2020. During this time we achieved a historic victory in the June 2020 Republican Primary demonstrating that hard work, determination, and home grown New Mexico talent can overcome a 10:1 money advantage and return the power from the Republican Insider Elite to the Republican Voters of New Mexico.

During this time I discovered a passion for photography and I have decided to pursue political photography full time during this heated 2020 Election Season.

I wish Alexis Martinez Johnson the best of luck in her campaign for US Congress, and we must unite behind our Republican Primary Winners. 2020 is the most important election of our lifetime because are electing our representatives who will lead us through the COVID-19 pandemic recovery.

We, The People, of the United States, must unite behind our great President Donald Trump and vote ‘Straight Red Ticket’ to send a message to the out of touch Left-Wing socialists that We The People wield the power over US Government and not out-of-state money or special interest groups.

Thank you and let’s Flip New Mexico Red in 2020!

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