Did Alexis Martinez Johnson Transform into a Liberal Politician After 2020 Republican Primaries?

Alexis Martinez Johnson is the current Republican Nominee for US House NM03 who is facing Santa Fe Attorney Teresa Leger Fernandez in the November 2020 General Election. The story of Alexis Martinez Johnson is one more of a Republican candidate trumpeting their conservative values in the Primary, only to shapeshift and morph into a liberal politician after the primary in an effort to appear more ‘Moderate’ for the general election.

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Alexis Martinez Johnson: “I am focused on getting the support of Democrats”.

Alexis Martinez Johnson is another example in the long line of sheep in wolves clothing who have taken advantage of the passion of ‘grass-roots’ American voters to advance their career and then turn their back once elected, and we are seeing her turn her back on Republicans and Conservative Values in an attempt to win the Nov 2020 General Election.

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Alexis Martinez Johnson: “I admire Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez”, October 4, 2020.

In the Alexis Johnson for Congress campaign for US House of Representatives to District 3 New Mexico, we have seen Alexis Martinez Johnson sell out her earliest supporter, volunteer and campaign manager and the Traditional New Mexican Values on which her campaign was originally built, through Faith, Family, and Freedom, such as standing up against Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s lockdown and closing of the second amendment Gun Stores.

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Meme for Gun Rights Advocate Alexis Martinez Johnson, Republican Primary.

During my tenure as campaign manager / strategist, before all of the “Johnny Come Lately” bandwagon jumped onto the Johnson train and slowed it to a halt, Alexis and I stayed true to conservative values.

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June 14, 2020, Rio Rancho NM. Donald Trump’s Birthday. Joaquin Roibal, Alexis Martinez Johnson, Allison Friar.

In the Republican Primaries, Alexis’ first foray into any level of politics, we saw Johnson run as a ‘hard-right’, Pro-Trump Republican. During that time there was a freedom and a truth, before the weak band wagon jumpers got into Alexis’ ear and turned her into a liberal politician.

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Alexis Martinez Johnson in front of ‘Trump 2020’ sign at NM GOP Headquarters Nov 2019. Copyright 2019 by Joaquin Roibal.

After securing the Republican Nomination, We have seen Johnson take for granted Republican voters and conservative voters. I know because I was in the room when the out of state campaign consultants told her to focus on the ‘swing Democrat’, which she listened to rather than listening to her first supporter, a True conservative from New Mexico, and now we are witnessing her campaign, which is incredibly light on “substance”, with the crux of her campaign to take pictures at Farmer’s Markets around New Mexico.

I resigned on July 28, 2020 from the Alexis Johnson for Congress campaign because I believe in Traditional, New Mexican Values and I won’t be told what to do by an out of state campaign “consultant”, but evidently Alexis loves to do that.

In July 2020 she made a stand regarding the constitutional rights of not wearing a mask, and then immediately folded and plead no contest once she received the day in court that she demanded.

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Alexis Martinez johnson Meme: “I Don’t always fight for constitutional rights, but when I do, I plead No Contest.”

Alexis has failed to attend numerous Republican events such as the “Women For Trump” Bus Tour which stopped twice in her district and was possibly the largest event(s) during election season 2020, and she was noticeably absent from the “#newmexit Freedom Protest” which was held at the Santa Fe Roundhouse, only a few blocks away from Alexis’ residence. We have also seen her step-back from any support of US President Donald Trump after the June 2020 Primary.

Unbelievably on one of her few appearances to Conservatives and Republicans in New Mexico, on October 2, 2020 Alexis went on the radio and said “I am focused on getting the support of Democrats” on KIVA, Rock of Talk with Eddy Aragon. Alexis brushed off the fact that people are criticizing her for not attending Republican events / rallies by stating “It’s a big district”. During this interview she made it clear that her focus was on attracting Democrats — which seems to be the exact reason we have seen her ‘morph’ into a liberal politician after the 2020 Republican Primaries.

Promoters in the belief of ‘Straight Ticket Voting’ and voting Straight RED Ticket contribute to the slippery, weak Republicans in New Mexico, by allowing a politician such as Alexis Martinez Johnson to run as ‘hard right’ during the Primary — such as supporting our great President Donald Trump — and then morphing into a weak, liberal politician who is now basing their campaign off of Identity Politics right before our eyes.

Alexis has turned her back on her earliest supporters, Republican Voters, and New Mexico. In New Mexico, we believe in keeping to our word and doing what we say we will do. Alexis Martinez Johnson turned her back on Republican Voters, if elected to US House, she will turn her back on New Mexico.

Personally I have no doubt that Alexis will lose to Santa Fe Attorney Teresa Leger Fernandez, due to the fact that Alexis’ has completely transformed in front of our eyes into a liberal politician, and therefore Teresa will simply win because that’s her ‘territory’, and Alexis will go down as another weak, Republican politician who followed the enticing path of ‘going soft’ after the Republican Primaries.

On a candidate forum held in October 4th, 2020, Alexis Martinez Johnson stated she Admires far left extremist Alexandria Ocasio Cortez [27:30]:

Gene Grant: “Is there anyone in congress that you admire, is there an elected official you watch and say ‘you know what, I think that man or woman has this right’”?

Alexis Martinez Johnson: “You know, I admire Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.”

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New Mexico Political News & Analysis. I am a conservative in Albuquerque, New Mexico who believes in Traditional, New Mexico Values.

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