Deb Haaland, NM’s Rep to US House, Campaign Co-Chair for Elizabeth Warren, Must Resign! [OPINION]

On the eve of the global Corona Virus pandemic, Deb Haaland is actively campaigning in New Hampshire, Nevada, Utah, and other states for Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign, rather than working for New Mexicans as US Representative for CD-1, and because she would rather pursue her own political ambitions rather than working for New Mexicans — aka her job — she should resign.

Deb Haaland posting a show of support / appreciation for Elizabeth Warren on Super Tuesday 2020

On Today, Super Tuesday, Warren had a very bad showing, including 3rd place in her own home state of Massachusetts:

in December 2019, presidential candidate — and at the time, front runner — Elizabeth Warren announced that Deb Haaland would be the ‘campaign co-chair’.

Announcement when Elizabeth Warren was one of the front-runners
Deb doing ground-level campaigning / canvassing for Elizabeth Warren in Utah, rather than working for New Mexicans
Deb Haaland in New Hampshire

Only a few days after actively campaigning in New Hampshire [Feb 8], she then blames Donald Trump, personally, for “forgetting” New Mexico in the Federal Budget [Feb 21]:

Many are now calling for Elizabeth Warren to ‘drop out’ of the presidential race, due to her terrible and low showings. Despite her unexpectedly low turn out, she has stated that she will remain committed to the race and even hoping for a contested convention, which could lead to the implosion of the Democratic Party in 2020.

For how long will Deb Haaland ‘hang on’ to a failing campaign, while also neglecting her duties as New Mexico’s House of Representatives for CD-1?

What does this spell for the 2020 election, including Deb Haaland’s own Re Election ? Undoubtedly, Haaland joined the Elizabeth Warren presidential campaign because she saw money, fame, and fortune for Haaland’s beginning political career.

Deb Haaland is another symptom of a problem which plagues politics in New Mexico.

New Mexican Politicians have long come to New Mexico (many times from out of state), a democratic stronghold, faced no opposition (other than democratic primaries, due to the disorganization of NM GOP), and made their careers, in a way that has disconnected politicians from the people — whose best interests must be the politician’s main and only concern.

For Example, NM Congressional District-3 — long term democratic strong hold (has never elected a Republican in a general election since its creation in 1983) and once a Democrat is elected, they continue to win re-election with 70% of the vote, then they seek higher office in NM. Bill Richardson, Tom Udall, now Ben Ray Lujan, Jr. is attempting to follow this play to become next US Senator for New Mexico.

As a New Mexican who is fairly up on the news for the past few decades, I have heard very little EVER about Tom Udall or Martin Heinrich on National Stage, National News, etc.

As New Mexicans, we must hold our elected officials accountable, and we can no longer accept the behavior of those such as Deb Haaland who simply use us as a stepping stone for their own political careers. At a time when Deb should be working for New Mexicans, advocating on our behalf, she is dedicating her limited time and energy to a losing presidential campaign, spreading her energies everywhere except in ways that will benefit New Mexicans.

In November 2020, The Electorate in New Mexico must remember the fact that Haaland was working for Elizabeth Warren, rather than doing her job as New Mexico’s Representative, during the time that we needed her most.

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