Congratulations Yvette Herrell! What Republicans and Conservatives Can Learn From 2020 NM Elections

The path to success for Republican Candidates following the 2020 General Election involve staying true to conservative principles, embracing ‘Trumpism’, and embracing new ways of connecting to voters.

Before the dust has even settled on the November 2020 General Election, eyes are looking towards the upcoming elections including Albuquerque Mayoral Run in 2021 as well as New Mexico Governorship, statewide races, and US House Congressional Districts in 2022.

The November 2020 demonstrated the paths to success for Republicans in New Mexico: staying true to traditional, New Mexico Values, rural, and southern New Mexico in an area of NM that is Republican and Conservative due to the rural area as well as reliance in Oil & Gas Industry particularly in Hobbs and Lea County area. Valencia County is a Republican stronghold and has the longest streak of any county in the United States of picking United States President.

The major wins for the Republican Party in New Mexico to build upon were the fact that Yvette Herrell won US House NM02, a number of State Senate and House Candidates. The Republican Party of New Mexico can build upon these successes and the lessons from these candidates and their pathway to victory as a Republican in New Mexico.

The following list is who I believe to be the leaders of the Republican Party in New Mexico due to their demonstrated success and consistency to protecting New Mexico Values. These candidates showed that, rather than run as ‘Democrat Lite’ / Weak Republicans, it’s better to run on strong, conservative values and embracing Donald Trump.

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Joaquin Roibal and Yvette Herrell, November 1, 2020. Los Lunas, Valencia County, NM.

Yvette Herrell

The new figurehead and de facto leader of the Republican Party in New Mexico is Yvette Herrell due to the fact that she won NM CD2 in a resounding 54–46 victory in 2020 after losing to Xochitl Torres Small in 2018 by 2,700 votes. The 2020 Rematch between Herrell and Torres Small is officially the most expensive Congressional Race in New Mexico History with over 30 million dollars spent by both sides and outside groups.

Yvette’s keys to success were maintaining traditional and conservative values, embracing Donald Trump and Trumpism, and stood strong for Oil & Gas which is the backbone of the New Mexico Economy. Herrell was aided by Biden’s comments about transitioning away from Oil & Gas, and also by the fact that Republicans led in the early/absentee voting.

Mark Ronchetti

Among the strongest candidates for a future run on the Republican side is Mark Ronchetti due to the money he raised during US Senate Race with Ben Ray Lujan, and also receiving a respectable 46% of the statewide vote as a political outsider vs a 6 term US Congressman from a political dynasty in New Mexico. Mark has the name recognition across New Mexico, and has now shown an ability to fundraise, and made a splash during his first run. Mayor or Governor.

Karen Bedonie

Karen Bedonie ran for US House NM03 as a Republican and received 2nd out of 5 candidates at the March 2020 Republican Primary Nominating Convention and received over 13,000 votes in the June 2020 Republican Primary Election after being severely limited due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions on the Navajo Nation where Karen is a member and lives with her family. Karen has tremendous grassroots support such as a group titled “Bedonie and Trujillo for Governor 2022” with over 1,000 members.

Rebecca Dow

Rebecca Dow has served in NM State Representative District 38 (Silver City) since 2017, and with a re election in 2020 is poised to continue making an impact on New Mexico Politics.

Brett Kokinadis

Brett Kokinadis ran for Republican Nomination for US House NM CD-1 in 2020 against Michelle Garcia Holmes and Jared Vander Dussen. Brett Kokinadis is a “walkaway” Democrat who brings cohesion and cohesiveness to the Republican Party.

Crystal Diamond

Crystal Diamond replaces moderate Democrat John Arthur Smith after he was defeated in the June 2020 Primary Elections by Noemi Parra in the most heated and expensive New Mexico State Senate races where Crystal Diamond raised over $180,000. Crystal, as well as Joshua Sanchez, wins were an ‘unintended consequence’ of the Progressive Democrats defeating more moderate Democrats in New Mexico Legislature and showed a clear pathway to victory for Republican Candidates, as well as a way to counter extreme progressivism.

Joshua Sanchez

Joshua Sanchez was a surprise victory for Republicans, and followed the same path as Crystal Diamond in taking a former moderate Democrat’s seat who had been “primary’d” by a progressive Democrat. Joshua Sanchez is a father of five and he had called me in the week before the election due to a op-ed which I had sent out to many different Republicans across New Mexico supporting president Trump, Ronchetti and Yvette Herrell. Josh ran as a traditional conservative without ‘flip flopping’ in an attempt to appeal to the left, and while living in Southern, New Mexico, had the votes to get elected to NM House of Representatives.

Stefani Lord

I first met Stefani Lord in late 2019 when she was running ‘Pro Gun Women’ and ‘Pro Gun New Mexico’ and advocating for women’s gun rights. Stefani was a vocal critic of the New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and then announced for Gregg Schmedes’ former NM Representative seat in the East Mountains of New Mexico. I witnessed and supported Stefani’s extensive work ethic while on the campaign trail, which translated into a victory of far-left Jessica Velasquez who had quite the fundraising and support of NM Democrats.

Stefani’s election to the NM House of Representatives means that a strong conservative activist has been elected to a position of power within New Mexico State Government which will allow her to ‘fight’ and limit the government overreach by Michelle Lujan Grisham much more effectively. Stefani Lord will advocate for New Mexico Traditional Values and she is someone that all American Patriots can support because she will stand up for our constitutional rights.

Keys to Success For Republicans in New Mexico After 2020:

Run as a conservative, based on traditional values. Don’t veer to the left in an attempt to pander for votes after Republican Primaries. Rural Voters: Republican, City Democrat, have to find a way to appeal to urban voters. Republican Victories: Valencia County, Rio Rancho/Sandoval County, Farmington / San Juan County. CD-2

Embrace ‘Trumpism’, Strong Conservative Values, utilizing ‘Social Media’ vs Traditional Media.

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Joaquin Roibal in Albuquerque, New Mexico. October 2020.

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New Mexico Political News & Analysis. I am a conservative in Albuquerque, New Mexico who believes in Traditional, New Mexico Values.

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