AOC is Not My President; Joe Biden Announced as 46th President of the United States Despite Legal Challenges

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been declared as the Winners of the 2020 Presidential Election. What does that mean for the future of the United States?

Cultivating a Daily Writing Habit

As I eat my microwaved breakfast Sandwich, drink a cup of coffee, read the news, and begin to collect my thoughts on today’s writing task, I think about the daily return to consistency, and how consistency in my life has been the key to success on any project which has been successful: working on my Master’s Project in college, working as campaign manager to build a campaign from the ground up, and now striving towards a daily goal of 1600 words per day in order to satisfy my November 2020 challenge of “NaNoWriMo”, attempting to write a novel (50,000 words) in one month.

This is my third year “competing” in NaNoWriMo, I generally hit writer’s block after the first few days, where I feel I’ve run out of topics to write aboutbut then I am reminded that there are virtually infinite topics and subjects available to write about. Then I start thinking about travelling, going different places for new experiences, until I crash back to reality, back to my black cup of coffee and my daily writing goal.

This month I’m structuring my writing and thoughts a bit differently. I normally put the work and effort into a word document which grows to a massive behemoth in size, requiring serious editing once finished, which eventually burns me out through the process, I give up on the unmanageable tangled mess of words (usually 20,000 or so), which never gets published. This year, rather than going the typical route, I decided to break my writing into two or three blog posts per day, with a ‘publish or perish’ mentality on any number of topics.

Structuring for Success in Politics

Success in any endeavor is more about consistency, than “genius” or “talent”. One of the most important lessons for me politically occurred when I was leading Alexis Martinez Johnson through the 2020 Republican Primaries. After months and months of daily consistent effort, posting memes, writing press releases, doing the “work” of the campaign, we came down to two weeks before the Primary Election. Now, during this election the mail in voting was starting to have an effect on the election, but nowhere near as important as for the November 2020 General Election. Still, I had decided that we needed radio advertisements starting in Middle of April for the June 2020 election, which seemed awfully early and turned out to be one of the keys for success of the 2020 Alexis Johnson for Congress Republican Primary victory.

So a couple of weeks before the June 2020 Primary Election, a panicked feeling set in of needing to do more, get out the vote, spread the word about the election. But even a couple of weeks out, your options are ‘limited’ due to the lack of time. A social media or blog post, while although put out immediately, still takes two or three days to spread out into the audience. A radio ad can be put on the radio with a turn around of a day or less, but even with radio it’s the repetition and length of time that will truly saturate into an audience and their thoughts. A newspaper ad is at least a week, and a magazine ad is a month or more lead-time. The final week, and days before an election, are filled with activity and business, but most of that final week is riding out and seeing to fruition the work which was done in the previous few months to peak in the days leading up to the election.

Joe Biden Declared 46th President of the United States by Associated Press

After a few days of vote counting, analysis and legal challenges, On Saturday, November 7, 2020, while a number of unfinished tasks in the process of electing the United States President, the Associated Press, Mainstream Media, and the Democrat Machine prematurely and incorrectly declared Joe Biden as the winner of US Presidential Election in 2020.

The result of this announcement further solidifies the United States into two ‘groups’, and in fact two entirely different societies: Trump Supporters and Biden Supporters. Each of these two groups live in their own universe; consuming media, and living their life based upon what they believe to be true. Even in a fractured society with the lack of ‘shared experience’ from the entire society watching one program all at the same time (such as when there were only a few television stations), the Presidential Election and the certainty of “election night” gave a legitimacy and sense of finality to any disagreements or infighting between Americans. Due to the way that the 2020 election unfolded, both sides now believe even more in the legitimacy of their candidate, with very little finality or legitimacy.

The fact that the AP and mainstream media declared victory for Biden only convinces the Biden Supporters. President Trump continuing to follow the Electoral Process and refusing to ‘accept’ the Left’s Agenda will keep him and his supporters ‘entrenched’ and preparing for a siege. The only way that Trump Supporters will be convinced that Trump has won the Presidency is for Donald Trump to admit defeat.


Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Architect of the Green New Deal, member of the Far Left ‘Squad’, and the darling of the Left-Wing Media has an incredibly outsized influence on Politics in the United States. AOC is well known for her radical approach to gaining power of Primary’ing moderate Democrats, and her ideas of completely restructuring American Society into a Socialist ‘Utopia’. The current Democrat Party in New Mexico is less of a ‘big tent’ and more of a Giant Machine which coordinates the Left-Wing agenda across states, counties and levels of Government across the United States. Joe Biden is much less a person or personality, he’s just a figurehead of the Left-Wing Agenda of AOC.

We must work together to ensure the legal process of the Electoral College and Presidential Election is properly followed in order, because AOC Is Not My President!

Joaquin Roibal, Albuquerque, NM. October 2020.

Written by

New Mexico Political News & Analysis. I am a conservative in Albuquerque, New Mexico who believes in Traditional, New Mexico Values.

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