Alexis Martinez Johnson Pleads “No Contest”, Folds Like A Cheap Suit Regarding Constitutional Rights

After making her entire campaign based around the issue of not wearing a mask, Alexis Martinez Johnson folded like a cheap suit and plead “No Contest” to receiving a mask citation by Santa Fe Police Department after she specifically requested a court case.

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Alexis Martinez Johnson: “I don’t always fight for constitutional rights, but when I do, I plead no contest”

By pleading ‘No Contest’, rather than fighting the mask order on constitutional grounds as she said she would, Alexis showed herself as all talk, created bad precedence for the legality of the mask order, and has hurt Republicans in New Mexico who actually have a chance at winning.

Alexis Martinez Johnson, Republican Candidate for US House New Mexico CD03 (Northern New Mexico) received a citation from Santa Fe Police Department for not wearing a mask while campaigning on July 3, 2020 on Santa Fe Plaza.

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Alexis Martinez Johnson signing citation for “not wearing a facial covering” from Santa Fe Police Department. Copyright 2020 by Joaquin Roibal.

On the eve of July 4, 2020, it was my understanding that we would have a campaign event where we would hand out literature and talk with voters of New Mexico. When the officers asked me to put on a mask, I complied. I did not know that Alexis was going to take some type of stand regarding the constitutionality of the NM Governor’s Public Health Order. Alexis later told me that she had a mask in her pocket.

Alexis originally stated that she would plead “not guilty” and that the Governor’s public health order was a violation of the US Constitution:

Alexis’ plea of “No Contest” on September 15, 2020 shows that her original stand was nothing more than a ploy to gain media attention, and she has wasted significant taxpayer resources by wasting the court’s time when she had no intention to “fight” the charges.

The Editor of the Santa Fe New Mexican pointed out Alexis’s hypocrisy and complete lack of integrity throughout Alexis’s entire cheap stunt:

After all her showboating, Republican congressional candidate Alexis Martinez Johnson decided not to stand trial on a charge of violating Santa Fe’s ordinance requiring people to wear masks in public places.

New Mexico deserves elected officials who follow and respect the law. We can not have someone in the US House of Representatives who so brazenly disregards the law and disrespects our great Law Enforcement officers, as can be seen in the lapel video from the altercation on July 3, 2020:

Alexis Martinez Johnson Refusing to Wear a Mask or Comply with Officers

Alexis was disrespectful to our great law enforcement officers by disregarding their legal requests for her to put on a mask, and speaking to them in a disrespectful manner when they are just doing their jobs to keep everyone safe.

Secondly, if she folds under pressure for such a small issue, regarding a mask citation, how can she ever make it in US Congress? One of the major reasons that I resigned as campaign manager at the end of July was that I could not believe how ridiculous Alexis’ “anti-mask” stance was.

One of my consistent experiences during my time as campaign manager, Alexis and I would strategize and make plans and at the very last minute Alexis would either get wild ideas (such as refusing to wear a mask) or not show up to a scheduled event (numerous examples).

Her actions have hurt true conservative activists in New Mexico and fed directly into the narrative of “Republicans are Crazy”. One of the saddest facts about this entire fiasco is the fact that this publicity stunt and is the only attention Alexis has been able to gain during her failing congressional run because she has no real platform, ideas or experience in government.

New Mexico has had enough weak, spineless “flip flopping” politicians; we definitely don’t need another. Alexis should resign as NM CD-3 Republican Nominee because she is unqualified, as this “stunt” and its resolution showed on statewide TV. I strongly suggest Alexis drop out of the race before she embarrasses herself further on a Televised Debate with Teresa Leger Fernandez scheduled to be held on October 8, 2020.

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New Mexico Political News & Analysis. I am a conservative in Albuquerque, New Mexico who believes in Traditional, New Mexico Values.

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