Why Did Alexis Johnson for Congress Steal My Meme to Fundraise?

A month after resigning as Campaign Manager for Alexis Johnson for Congress, I would never imagine that the campaign would continue to utilize my ideas, thoughts and creative works — from a different project of mine which is totally unrelated to the campaign — without credit.

I created this post because I am a conservative and I believe we must hold our elected officials accountable — even candidates — and we must hold them to the highest standard of ethical integrity. The anonymous sources, attacking me from out of state, seem to fear any type of criticism of “our” candidates, a tactic more often seen within the Democrat Party.

I have been attacked, my motives questioned for exposing the truth that Alexis stole one my memes, but I will not be afraid to speak the truth.

A meme which I had created previously in April 2020 discussing Michelle Lujan Grisham and Tim Keller on the ‘Chicano Conservative’ facebook page was ‘stolen’ and re posted to the official Alexis Johnson for Congress campaign Facebook page without credit on September 4, 2020:

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Alexis Johnson for Congress Stolen Meme from Chicano Conservative to Fundraise

I worked as Campaign Manager for Alexis Johnson for Congress from October 2019 until I resigned on July 28 2020 because I did not agree with the direction that the campaign — which I had built from the ground up, being the sole campaign for months — was headed. I have remained silent until now regarding a number of issues which I believe that NM Voters deserve to know regarding my experience with Alexis Martinez Johnson, such as the time that we agreed to attend a protest in Albuquerque, NM, I spent two days painting signs for the campaign, I talked to her at 8:00 AM the morning of the protest, confirmed that she would be at the protest and then she did not show up at 10 AM.

This is just one of many experiences of my time as the “second in command” with Alexis Martinez Johnson and it’s time that New Mexico knows the truth.

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Myself with NM CD1 2020 Republican Candidate Brett Kokinadis at Protest

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New Mexico Political News & Analysis. I am a conservative in Albuquerque, New Mexico who believes in Traditional, New Mexico Values.

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