Alexis Johnson for Congress and the Hypocrisy of “Familia First”

“Familia First”, the new campaign slogan of Alexis Johnson for Congress in the final weeks of the 2020 Election, is perfect for Alexis Martinez Johnson because it has no meaning and its riddled with hypocrisy given Alexis’ own family problems.

Creating a new slogan was one of the first decisions that had to be made after my departure and it’s the perfect slogan for Alexis because it sounds good but has no meaning, it’s only two words one in English and one in Spanish, and finally it’s hypocritical due to the lack of support and enthusiasm for Alexis’ political career from both sides of her family (Martinez & Johnson).

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Alexis Martinez Johnson, outside of RPNM headquarters in Albuquerque, NM. June 2020. Copyright Joaquin Roibal.

Alexis Johnson for Congress was required to create a new logo and slogan after I sent a Cease and Desist to stop using the logo which I designed and the slogan I created after resigning as Campaign Manager.

To start with, “Familia First” seems to be an attempt to tap into the family-oriented culture of New Mexico, but as a campaign slogan, it doesn’t tell us anything about Alexis’ platform (hint: because she doesn’t have one) and secondly, does this slogan suggest that Alexis will put her family “first”, For Example, above the duties of her job working for New Mexico? There’s a word for that and it’s called Nepotism.

In an interview with Michelle Garcia Holmes titled “Coffee and Common Sense” on September 16, 2020, Alexis stated:

“That is why I got into this race, because I want to look out for my family right now and their future.”

Alexis Martinez Johnson

Okay, but what about the rest of New Mexico’s Families? We can not allow an elected official to place their own concerns above the concerns of their constituents and that’s what Alexis stated in a casual interview with a fellow Republican Congressional Candidate. Are we to understand “Familia First” to mean that Alexis will put her family above her job duties? That’s still unclear.

I met Alexis Martinez in college and she married Chris Johnson after both of them graduated from New Mexico Tech during the year of my tenure as Student Body President. One unique aspect of New Mexico is the tri-cultural ethnic makeup of New Mexico: Anglo, Hispanic / Spanish, and Native American.

A very subtle hypocrisy exists within Alexis Martinez Johnson campaign where she is criticizing “Identity Politics”, but we can see from her interview with Michelle Garcia Holmes held on September 16, 2020 that Alexis has no real ideas or platforms and is running almost entirely on being a Female, Hispanic Republican.

After Alexis’s embarassing 11% of delegates at March 2020 Republican Nominating Convention, Alexis saw Elisa Martinez’s first place finish in the US Senate Republican Nominee, and Alexis who previously went by “Alexis Johnson”, she decided to start going by “Alexis Martinez Johnson”, emphasizing her maiden name and Hispanic heritage.

Alexis’ decision to campaign as “Alexis Martinez Johnson”, when the fact is that her voter registration is “Alexis M. Johnson”, where the “M” stands for “Michelle”, shows Alexis to be campaigning almost entirely upon Identity Politics while also posturing as if she isn’t.

And finally what stands out to me about this slogan is how hypocritical for Alexis Johnson for Congress because her family — that she married into, the Johnsons — are extremely wealthy, an Oklahoma / Texas Oil Family but they have provided Alexis virtually no support for her candidacy for US House — approximately a loan of $4000 in the pre-primary which Alexis immediately paid back once she won the primary, which from my understanding, a candidate must keep primary and general funds separate.

Alexis and her family have a number of houses in both New Mexico and Texas, and during the pre-primary phase I remember one specific event which showed how little she was willing to invest into her own campaign, which occurred when I wanted to send out mailers and she yelled how the campaign couldn’t afford a 50 cent stamp. As campaign manager during this time I had to work under significant financial constraints due to Alexis’ lack of family support, which made it even more hurtful when Alexis rewarded the “Johnny Come Lately” campaign staff and consultants, due to the significant time I had invested in her at a time when her own family didn’t believe in her.

A final example of the hypocrisy of “Familia First” is from a time when I was in Alexis’ home in Santa Fe and I asked her husband Chris what he thought about Alexis’ run for congress and he said that it “was a waste of time.” We still see this lack of commitment from Alexis’ family today in their lack of financial commitment to Alexis Johnson for Congress.

Another story which demonstrates Alexis’ lack of family support is, on her Martinez side, there was one day I was doing some fundraising for Alexis as Campaign Manager. We were getting some good funds in that day so I asked Alexis’ brother (through Facebook messenger) to donate $50, he agreed. About thirty minutes later I asked him to donate $100, and he agreed and said he would send it that night when he got home from work. He never sent it and (as far as I know) still hasn’t sent it.

On the campaign trail, Alexis consistently discusses the fact that her grand-parents raised her. Alexis told me previously that she doesn’t speak with her mother because her mother is a narcissist. Alexis always tells the story of the fact that her grandpa had to do an extra half hour per day so that Alexis could purchase pizza rather than having to rely upon school lunch. From what I understand, Alexis is only allowed to visit her Grandpa under court-order restrictions stemming from a time that police had to be called when Alexis was insisting on seeing her grandfather.

So for Alexis to use the campaign slogan “Familia First” it’s perfect for her campaign because it has no meaning, lacks imagination, and it’s riddled with hypocrisy given Alexis’ own family problems. Alexis is unprepared for US Congress and it would be to New Mexico’s detriment to elect such an unstable representative who insists on fixing the problems in government and is unwilling to work on her own issues.

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New Mexico Political News & Analysis. I am a conservative in Albuquerque, New Mexico who believes in Traditional, New Mexico Values.

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