2020 Election Predictions Part I: Donald Trump, Mark Ronchetti, Michelle Garcia Holmes

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The Four 2020 Federal Republican Candidates in July 2020: Alexis Martinez Johnson, Mark Ronchetti, Michelle Garcia Holmes, Yvette Herrell

US President: Donald J. Trump

The natural advantages for the incumbent in a race are incredible, and even more so for the US President, who is truly the Most Powerful Man in the World. Everything President Trump says makes the nightly news, papers, blogs, and that type of coverage would be very expensive to purchase. Also President Trump has an incredible war chest, having raised $1.1 billion dollars so far and is dedicating significant on the ground resources to New Mexico through the Trump Victory Leadership Initiative which has coordinated thousands of door-to-door and phone calls on behalf of President Trump and down ballot candidates.

Regarding Trump’s match up to Biden among New Mexico Voters, I feel confident in making the prediction now that Joe Biden has announced his VP pick to be Kamala Harris. One of the most fascinating aspects of Primary Elections is the insight into voter patterns which are often ignored by our elected officials to their detriment. Which is what I believe to be one of the biggest faults of the democrats: uncontested primary elections, for Example Ben Ray Lujan, Deb Haaland, Xochitl Torres Small all ran unopposed in the 2020 Democrat Primary Election.

Some information that can be gained from the 2020 Democratic Primaries for President, in California we saw that, according to Washington Post exit polls, only 22% of Hispanics voted for Biden, but that 49% of Hispanics vote for Bernie Sanders[1]. Therefore, New Mexico, which has the highest percentage of “Hispanic or Latino of any race” in the United States at 48%[2], has a significant number of voters who are not committed to Biden, at a time that Donald Trump has made significant steps toward acknowledging, respecting and appreciating the Hispanic Community’s contribution to the United States Culture, Economy, and Prosperity.

US Senate: Mark Ronchetti

Mark Ronchetti is running a spirited campaign meeting with small groups across New Mexico. Since securing a dominant win in the 2020 Republican Primary, Ronchetti has coalesced the Republicans behind him while also appealing to moderates and Dems in New Mexico. Ben Ray Lujan has the cash, however, raising over 4 million to Ronchetti’s $600,000. Ben has the benefit of the Democrat Machine behind him, and has been running commercials since the summer, and hosting “virtual townhalls” on facebook with local leaders from different cities. Mark’s strengths are his broad appeal with voters from across New Mexico, which is particularly relevant and important in the population centers of Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, and increases the effectiveness of his dedication to the campaign trail and meeting with voters in face-to-face meetings — while practicing social distancing.

I believe Mark Ronchetti will defeat Ben Ray Lujan because Ben Ray doesn’t have the name recognition outside of NM CD-3, Ben Ray doesn’t have the ‘incumbency’ status-quo to help him get re-elected (such as when he won NM CD-3 six times), and Mark Ronchetti has much more appeal to every day New Mexicans and doesn’t have the ‘Nancy Pelosi’ politician vibe of Ben Ray Lujan which New Mexicans are quickly tiring of.

NM CD-1: Michelle Garcia Holmes

In contrast, Michelle Garcia Holmes is a retired police detective and former NM Attorney General Chief of Staff. NM CD-1 is comprised of almost all of Albuquerque, which has the vast majority of the population of the district, and Torrance county, which is a large geographic and rural area. Although Albuquerque has Nob Hill, and the ‘left wing’ areas of Albuquerque — which are overrepresented at the City Level and is how we ended up with Tim Keller. From having lived in Albuquerque and graduating from Albuquerque High School, I would say that Albuquerque has a very solid conservative foundation, in vast areas across culture, ethnic, economic backgrounds from the North East Heights to the South Valley, and Michelle Garcia Holmes can definitely ride a wave of ‘anti-establishment’ voters in November 2020 to become NM CD-1 Representative.

Conclusion of Part I

· Donald Trump, President.

· Mark Ronchetti, Senator.

· Michelle Garcia Holmes, US House NM CD-1

A part II will be forthcoming where I discuss who I believe will be the winner between Yvette Herrell and Xochitl Torres Small in NM CD-2, and Teresa Leger Fernandez and Alexis Martinez Johnson in NM CD-3.


[2] https://web.archive.org/web/20100211133530/http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/35000.html

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New Mexico Political News & Analysis. I am a conservative in Albuquerque, New Mexico who believes in Traditional, New Mexico Values.

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